About Us

Travelers Conservation Trust

The Travelers Conservation Trust [TCT] was founded in 1986 as the non-profit foundation affiliated with Wildland Adventures through which travelers can contribute tangibly and directly to conservation and the well-being of indigenous communities at a local level worldwide.

Culturally and environmentally responsible tourism can be a powerful force for change. By educating travelers to be more sensitive and conscientious guests, TCT provides an alternative to exploitative and destructive elements of conventional tourism. The participation and support by travelers in local TCT projects around the world fosters more responsible travel and demonstrates how ecotourism has become a powerful instrument of sustainable development.

Board of Directors

Travelers Conservation Board of Directors is made up of a handful of veteran adventure travelers with over 30 years experience in ecotourism and conservation work.

Kurt Kutay
Kurt KutayPresident/Director
Tim Hocking
Tim HockingAdvisor
Anne Kutay
Anne KutayVP/Secretary
Jeff Zimmerman
Jeff ZimmermanAdvisor
Rachael Garrett
Rachael GarrettTreasurer
Christopher Moriarty
Christopher MoriartyAdvisor
Jonathan Burnham
Jonathan BurnhamMarketing & Outreach
Tad Bradley
Tad BradleyAdvisor