Africa Organizations

Tourism to the African continent over the past century has been both a bane and benefit for wildlife, conservation and communities. By the 1980’s many species in Africa’s wildlands where on the brink of extinction including mountain gorillas, Grevy’s zebra, rhinos and other species dwindling rapidly in their local domain. TCT has collaborated and funded conservation and research projects in the field focused on stopping the onslaught of wildlife from poaching, trafficking, habitat destruction, and the localized impacts of over-tourism. In addition, we have focused on the needs of tribal peoples and marginalized communities eking out a subsistence living who are forced for survival to illegally hunt for bush meat and often have conflicts with wildlife killing livestock and destroying crops.

The need for conservation and poverty reduction in Africa are so intertwined and so vast, we proudly support both international and local organizations involved in wildlife conservation, indigenous rights, health projects, child welfare and community development. We have specifically chosen organizations based on their grassroots connections to the local communities, wildlife conservationists and field scientists in regions with the greatest need where Wildland Adventures donor travelers can provide the greatest benefit and often see the benefits of their contributions.

Organizations we support in Africa